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Diving sewage pump is in Germany Thomas (Thomas) factory on the basis of advanced technology, combined with the characteristics of the use of international pumps and the successful development of a new generation of pump products, with significant energy saving effect, anti-winding, no clogging, automatic installation and automatic control And so on. In the discharge of solid particles and long fiber garbage, has a unique effect. The series of pumps with a unique impeller structure and a new mechanical seal, can effectively transport containing solid and long fiber. Impeller Compared with traditional impeller, the pump impeller with a single channel or double channel form, it is similar to a cross-section of the same size of the elbow, with a very good overcurrent, coupled with a reasonable spiral chamber, making the pump with efficiency High, impeller by static and static test, so that the pump in the run without vibration.
1, the use of a unique single or double blade impeller structure, greatly improving the dirt through the ability to effectively pass the pump diameter of 5 times the fiber material and diameter of about 50% of the diameter of the pump particles.
2, the mechanical seal with a new hard corrosion-resistant titanium tungsten material, the pump can run continuously for more than 8000 hours.
3, the overall structure of compact, small size, low noise, energy saving effect is significant, easy maintenance, no need to build pump room, dive into the water to work, greatly reducing the cost of the project.
4, the pump sealed oil room is equipped with high precision anti-jamming leak detection sensor, the stator winding embedded thermal elements, the pump motor automatic protection.
5, according to user needs with automatic control cabinet, the pump leakage, leakage overload and over-temperature, such as automatic protection, improve product safety and reliability
6, the float switch can be based on the required level changes, automatic control of the pump start and stop, without special care, the use of extremely convenient.
7, according to user needs with dual rail automatic coupling installation system, it is to install, repair more convenient, people do not have to enter the sewage pits for this.
8, can be used in the whole head, and to ensure that the motor will not overload.
9, there are two different installation methods, fixed automatic coupling installation system, mobile free installation system.
The main purpose

It is suitable for sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, sewage, etc. in the industry, such as chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plant, steelmaking plant, power plant, coal processing industry, and urban sewage treatment plant drainage system, municipal engineering, construction site, Division also used for pumping water and corrosive media.