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4.结构简,节省原材料。 潜水电泵使用的条件是否合适,管理得当与使用寿命有直接的关系。
5、潜水电机采用水润滑轴承,下部装有橡胶调压膜、调压弹簧,组成调压室,调节由于温度引起的压力变化;电机绕组采用聚乙烯绝缘,尼龙护套耐水电磁线,电缆联接方式按QJ型电缆接头工艺, 把接头绝缘脱去刮净漆层,分别接好,焊接牢固,用生橡胶绕-层。再用防水粘胶带缠2~3层,外面包上2~3层防水胶布或用水胶粘结包一层橡胶带(自行车里胎〉以防渗水。
Deep well submersible pump is a water pump and pump directly into the water work of the water lifting equipment, it is suitable for extraction from the deep well groundwater can also be used for rivers, reservoirs, canals and other water lifting projects, Germany Thomas (Thomas) deep well submersible pump is mainly used for Farmland irrigation and mountainous areas of human and animal water, but also for cities, factories, railways, mines, site for water use.
Main feature
1. motor, water pump body, submerged into the water to run, safe and reliable;
2. There is no special requirement for the well pipe and the water pipe (ie, the steel pipe well, the ash pipe well, the soil well and so on can be used; under the pressure permission, the steel pipe, the hose, the plastic pipe and so on may serve as the water pipe);
3. Installation, use, easy maintenance Simple, small footprint, no need to build pump room;
4. Simple structure, saving raw materials. Submarine pump use of the conditions are appropriate, proper management and the life of a direct relationship.
Structural description
1, mainly by the pump, diving motor (including cable), water pipes and control switch composed of four parts. Submersible pump for the single-suction multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump, submersible motor for the closed water-filled wet, vertical three-phase squirrel cage motor, motor and pump through the claw or key cylinder coupling directly; equipped with different specifications Of the three-core cable, starting equipment for different capacity levels of air switch and automatic decompression starter, the water pipe for the different diameter of the steel pipe made of flange connection, high-lift pump with gate valve control.
2, submersible pump Each stage of the baffle is equipped with a rubber bearing, impeller with a conical sleeve fixed on the pump shaft, diversion shell with a rayon or bolts into one.
3, high-lift submersible pump equipped with a check valve, to avoid downtime caused by water hammer damage.
4, submersible motor shaft with a labyrinth sandstand and two reverse assembly of the skeleton oil seal, to prevent the flow of sand into the motor.
5, the submersible motor with water lubricated bearings, the lower part of the rubber pressure regulating film, pressure regulating spring, composed of surge chamber, adjust the pressure caused by temperature changes; motor winding with polyethylene insulation, nylon jacket water-resistant magnet wire, cable connection Way by QJ-type cable connector technology, the connector insulation off scraping paint layer, were connected, welding firmly, with raw rubber around - layer. And then wrapped with waterproof adhesive tape 2 to 3 layers, outside the package on the 2 to 3 layers of waterproof tape or glue with a layer of rubber tape (bike tires> to prevent water seepage.
6, the motor closed, the use of precision stop screw, cable exports plus Kejiao sealed.
7, the motor has a water hole at the top, there is a vent hole, the lower part of a water hole.

8, the lower part of the motor with the upper and lower thrust bearing, thrust bearing with a groove with dry cooling, and it is grinding stainless steel thrust plate, to withstand the upper and lower axial force pump.